In the growing world of business in Australia, millions of contracts are made daily, either orally or through written agreements. Written agreements can be a perfect way to expand your company or business and can reap many profits in the long run. However, terms and conditions that are not fulfilled by another party can become a disaster for you, and you can end up losing much money.

Breaches of business contracts are common, and that is the reason you need to stay prepared.

What is a Breach of Contract?

If you and the other party/parties have made a contract and they do not hold up their end of the deal, then it is a breach of contract. Since the contract is a legal agreement, whether made orally or in writing, it can lead to legal consequences for which may need legal advise.

However, before you press charges on anyone, you must be sure you made the written contract. For that, you must keep in mind these four things—offer, consideration, acceptance, and mutual understanding.

A discussion must take place between you and the other party about getting into a contract. If that party considers your offer and accepts the agreement and all the related terms, conditions, rules, and regulations that come with it, then you have officially agreed with each other.

Different breaches of contract in Australian Law

The different contract breaches are:

Material breach of contract

A material breach is a breach in which the non-breaching party is exempt from performing the terms of the contract, giving them the right to sue for damages.

Minor breach of contract

A minor breach of contract takes place when one party meets the essential obligations of the contract but does not meet one or a few minor conditions. Alternatively, it is also called a partial breach.

Actual Breach of contract

The actual breach of contract is the most common one amongst all. It takes place when one party violates the terms of the contract at the actual time and do not perform their contractual obligations.

Anticipatory breach of contract

This anticipatory breach of contract takes place when one party commits to a violation before fulfilling the obligations of the contract. In such a case, the non-breaching party may consider the contract to be breached and take legal action.

What to do when a breach of business contract takes place?

A breach of business contract can take place at any time and can cause critical financial losses to you or your organisation. Sometimes, the other party may commit a breach of written contract and keep it hidden, which is more dangerous for you. Overwhelming and unstable situations like these can crush you, and the case may get out of your control. We suggest you at the least take a legal advice for any breach of business contract situation.

Why do I need a Breach of Contract Lawyer?

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