If you need guidance related to your business structure and mechanism, you need a lawyer specializing in corporate governance. Failing to comply with codes, standards and regulations of your industry can lead to catastrophic penalties and unnecessary trouble for your business. With the help of a corporate governance lawyer you can make sure this does not occur.

The financial and legal matters that influence the relationship between a company’s management and its shareholders are termed as Corporate Governance. Corporate governance includes policies, systems, relationships processes and rules that help exercise authority inside an organisation and maintain it.

Why is corporate governance critical for your company?

Issues, related to control and ownership in companies, are sensitive and should be handled with care. This is where corporate governance plays a significant role. It helps establish a robust framework to achieve:

  • Improved performance of the organisation
  • Meet with investor expectation
  • Conform to different external and internal requirements related to procedures, controls, policies and constitution of the company and the external laws and regulations.

You can establish your own governance structure for your company that suits your unique situation. To do so, you need to consider factors such as an individual director contribution, board performance and board effectiveness. The intensity of the relationship fostered by your organisation with the stakeholders and method of governance used in the organisation are other factors to consider.

How can good corporate governance help?

With capable corporate governance, you can achieve many benefits including

  • Improve the valuation of your firm and its performance
  • Attract international investors
  • Create a robust governance mechanism that meets many individual needs and circumstances
  • Avoid disasters and increase accountability
  • Eliminate problems inside the company before they cause irreversible damage to the company

How our legal assistance can help you?

Melbourne Commercial lawyers’ team is firmly entrenched in delivering the best expertise in corporate governance. Our experienced lawyer team provides corporate and company advice in areas including

  • Appointment, composition and structure issues of board
  • Requirements related to compliance and reporting
  • Review and update constitution and company structure
  • Development of charters and policies and governance of corporate
  • Advice related to indemnities, liabilities, insurances and duties of directors
  • Preparation of document related to risk management
  • Delegation of authority
  • Approval of documents
  • Execution protocols and review of documents

We possess the experience needed in training and advising directors and other company officials on the liabilities and duties they hold. We assist them in preparing policies for corporate governances, minutes and notices related to a general meeting, prepare constitutions, review annual reports and liaise with ASIC, ASX and other such regulators.

Comprehensive corporate governance assistance

In the present business scenario risk management has gained prime importance both at operational and strategic level. It is no wonder governance and compliance issues take precedence for organisations. We provide quality and expert legal advice on effective corporate governance including compliance related advice that helps protect businesses from the damaging effects of noncompliance.

Our aim is to develop skilled systems that meet with client needs and regulator expectations. We deliver the help needed to embed required procedure and policies in your existing business framework.

Regulatory and compliance standards can overwhelm and are tough to comply. But failing to comply would create a negative impact on the employees, shareholders and directors. Our expert corporate governance advice helps you to avoid tough sanctions that your company directors, employees and shareholders can attract by noncompliance.

Australian businesses are under intense scrutiny because of the fiduciary duties they have towards the company, its employees, creditors and shareholders. Corporate reforms in recent years have transformed the business space bolstering confidence in investors and motivating businesses to form a robust and transparent structural framework.

Melbourne corporate lawyers know the best and efficient way to meet with all your corporate governance obligations. Call us now to know how our smart advice can do wonders to your business growth.